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Flash Game size limit for psp?

Alright, so I have downloaded alot of games to my psp, and most of them are games like tactical assassin, and others, but some are pretty short games. The short ones are from invalid mob, and the others are from mostly addictinggames. The only one that works is Bloody Day. Is there a size or FPS limit that the psp has for flash? Any help appreciated.



#2 19/03/09 6:13am

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Re: Flash Game size limit for psp?

1 all games need to be exported to flash player version 6 or lower
2  only games that use arrowKeys & mouse are supported
3  it depends alot on how much RAM the game uses, this could be the major problem too much graphics/colors,animations,or too much AS events at one time, the psps flash player crashes AKA you will get the "run out of internal memory" error

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Re: Flash Game size limit for psp?

yea and make em at or lower than 1.5 meg.

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