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[RELEASE] Moovlin 7 - Chapter 1

The first Chapter for the epic Moovlin 7 is now available! … ovlin7.swf

The game has over 30 minutes of gameplay, awesome graphics, and awesome comics!

This episode is my biggest project yet, and I've listened to Moovlin fans around the world, if you're one of them, this is for you!

About Moovlin:

Moovlin is the most ambitious Flash RPG release for the PSP ever. jfig111 (psp-frog, figgy, dragonthingy123) had a mission to create a gigantic and free RPG adventure for the Playstation Portable that was playable through the PSP Web Browser. So far, he has succeeded in creating an original storyline, clever use of the PSP controls, and a grip onto PSP Graphics. Moovlin RPG has had a combined amount of hits that reach over 400,000 in just one year. These games have been posted throughout the most significant PSP Forums to share the true limits of creativity and to prove the strength of the PSP's Flash Player. This is by far the most popular PSP Flash Game(s) ever created.


Moovlin, Koovlin, and Baznon are reunited once again, in YET ANOTHER sequel to my seemingly never ending original RPG-Platforming adventure, Moovlin. Beautiful movie celebrity Sarazane has been captured by the Star-Riders, and taken to a DNA Research Facility. The Star-Riders are holding up scientists to a ransom of cloning Sarzane into a legion of robotic superstars - Minions for taking over the planet Tierraqua, deceiving any of the male virgins on the planet and controlling the planet for even more personal gain.

After being destroyed by Moovlin in the past, they are back with a hilarious plan for galactic domination, but won't stop for anything. Moovlin is back, with his most comical and cooperative adventure yet.

-In Chapter 1:

Moovlin is kidnapped in his sleep by the evil Star-Riders. Koovlin has to save Moovlin and stop Remiliok from continuing his evil plans! Along the chapter, Koovlin will pick up new abilities, like a Weakening attack, Gamma Radiators, and Slaps. This game focuses on where Moovlin left off in Episode 6, enforcing good to Koovlin and saving him from his ego. You will fight several Star-Riders, ride UFO's, fight weed monsters, run along big courses, and experience some of the coolest battles ever in PSP Flash Games!

Info on the Style:

This Moovlin Episode uses a unique way of telling the story, through comic strips. With over 20 strips in the first chapter alone, you'll gorge over the funny plot, hilarious pick-up lines, and crazy jokes. If that's not enough, all the comics have lots of love (by jfig111, who else. tongue) in them with goofy looking characters and colorful artwork.

NOTE: Please post positive and negative things about this. If you post only negative stuff, you're a censored.




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Re: [RELEASE] Moovlin 7 - Chapter 1

Awescome dude but at the begining no picture but sound was running smile

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