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Ello Gov'na

No, I'm not actually British, I'm Canadian...buddy...

Anyways, my name is Josh 'CrypticPoptart' MacDonald and I'm a pretty good flash programmer if I do say so myself. I've made many awesome unfinished flash games that I started and didn't have the will to finish, but I hope to one day finish them all, and at least I've gotten some pretty good engines out of my prescripted codes.

I've just taken up PSP flash programming and I've been having alot of fun doing it considering all my friends have PSPs and are always interested in my mini flash games.

My style of programming uses less code and more movie clips. What I mean by this is that what I can't do in action script I make up in the brute force of flash. EX: I need a sound to loop when I press a button but I don't know how (I actually do, just an example) I'd just make the button say ';' and and stream the music throughout the entire movie clip. Understand what I'm saying? It's not that I'm not good at action script, its that I make my games with a variety different styles of programming.

Lord help the man who hacks my SWF open into a FLA to steal my action script.

Anyway, I hope to be a good addition to the community as if I like a site I'm always VERY active. I've also been a good addition to forums before and even been modded twice so I really hope I'll like it here. Yeah, so, hello. tongue

Slaughter without laughter is S, which is the starting letter for many negative words. Go on, try and think them up.



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Lord o' Pancakes
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Re: Ello Gov'na

Hola mista Poptart!!!! I am ur elder on this site no matter ur age. And therefore I be uber wise... Except with programming of any sort. Feel free to ask about stuffs. Welcome the Forums Of Eliteness! Enjoi ur stay!


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