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#1 14/01/07 10:09pm

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Where to host a forum?

I want to add a forum to my WebPage, but dunno where to host it. There are many sites in russian like fasbb or rusbb, and i know that proboards is one of the best international server.
Do you know some?

I bite!



#2 16/01/07 8:57am

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Re: Where to host a forum?

Hmm, you need to be a bit more specific - how much control do you have over your webpage? If you host it on your own hosting space, and have a spare SQL database, then there is huge choice of free forum packages that you can install for free. The forum that you're reading right now is one such free package, punBB. There's lots of others though, phpBB is a common one, but you'll find plenty with a basic google search. Worth mentioning that a lot of cms (content management systems) packages have forums written in, and you could write your whole site with that. For example, joomla or mambo.

However, if you don't have your own hosting package, and you're using some kind of really basic free "upload your own html file here" type package, then you probably can't run those forum packages. In this case, you'll need an externally hosted forum package which you can link to. I haven't personally had much experience with these, but a quick google search brings up ProBoards and Forum For Free (which uses the previously mentioned phpBB package).

Hope that helps!

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