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#1 25/10/08 2:40pm

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PSP on the net

Hi. First day here so I hope this finds you all well.
Got a question for you all. I have a first generation psp. Now, whenever I try to get on, say facebook or hotmail etc., when on the psp it keeps coming up that there is not enough memory. I have tried the conserve memory routine but to no avail.
Anyone got any ideals coz I be

Thanks and take care all.



#2 25/10/08 4:06pm

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Re: PSP on the net

and Use Mobile Hotmail
for facebook, idk if they have a mobile ver. google it. big_smile
Ps: you Ram rans out quick because of standard site content that was made for a PC,or any other Regular computer,
this content uses lots of Ram and so you cant see it on the psp, not just on the Phat, but also slim, idk about 3k... though

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