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#26 18/10/08 5:55am

From: carelia
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Re: Moovlin Episode 5

i like moovlin too, but it's always very short tongue

thanks for making it though!

hello i am new but i have a lot of psp experience, got cfw 5.00 m33 on my slim i got a fat before but i sold it. this site seems cool altho i dont play flash games on mah psp.



#27 22/10/08 3:34am

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From: Bend, Oregon
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Re: Moovlin Episode 5

So are you at 100% yet? I've SLOWLY been playing the Episode 5 Beta (the 92% one) so that I won't get to the end of it before you release the 100% one. When do you think you will be releasing it? So far the game kicks @$$! I love the mines in space and trying to get around them. At first i got frustrated trying to get around...then figured out where to, i felt stupid. But man is it fun!

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