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#1 04/08/08 10:17pm

From: my mom
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I would like to physicly unbrick my psp.

Does any one know how to open up the psp and
physicly unbrick it?

I just want to run homebrew but I have to go through all this crap.

ps: I've tried to find out on google. but found nothing.

Edit: or if I could put it in recovery mode that would help too.
Oh and it has to be free.

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#2 05/08/08 1:35pm

From: barrow-in-furness
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Re: I would like to physicly unbrick my psp.

The only ways you can unbrick a PSP is with the 3.50 downgrader (if your firmware is 3.50 of below) or with a Pandora's battery. For the battery, I suggest buying one, although I think you can open up the battery and remove a pin or something, though I wouldn't recommend that. You cannot physically mod your PSP onto a custom firmware, the idea being that CF is software and not hardware, so you need to install SOFTWARE and NOT HARDWARE.

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#3 05/08/08 2:59pm

From: nottingham
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Re: I would like to physicly unbrick my psp.

heres my little guide. i think afterdawn something or other had a really good one

1) buy a datel tool bettery

2) connect your psp to the computer

3) google search "magic memory stick" or something of the sort, and download and run the thingy.

4) follow the instructions

5) put your battery (make sure you charge it, i didn't the first time...) and your newly magicked memory stick into the psp

6) follow the instructions

7) rinse and repeat



#4 06/08/08 10:50am

Discussion Mød
From: Basel
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Re: I would like to physicly unbrick my psp.

Well you could by a chip (cheaper than a datel tool battery), but your soldering skills have to be awesome. Datel tool battery is the best way to downgrade (it isnt unbrick) your psp.

Datel tool battery costs about 30-40 euro
you can find it most shops.

I have a shop near where i live that sells them

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