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#1 18/07/08 12:25am

That one guy.
From: Not Palmdale, CA
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Just got back awhile ago...

So, I just got back from's nice to get away from my computer for a while.

Lol, when i checked my e-mail...i had 875 unread messages and 17 spam. Then I checked my phone and had 23 unread text messages + 12 voicemail...

Came here and I also missed alot...already responded to a few topics.

Damn, I can't go anywhere for a few days without missing alot of stuff.

Ugh... Someone came to my door right now looking for donations for college...
after he left I found a bunch of lame ads on my doorstep...I didn't see them when I came home cause I went through the garage...




#2 18/07/08 2:27am

Lord o' Pancakes
From: Wyoming, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
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Re: Just got back awhile ago...

lawlz you  are a busy man 10 email and youtube is alot for me lol


MINECRAFT. Hit me up if you wanna play [:



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