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#1 02/06/08 7:09am

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images in flash =question=

is there a way to display big images in flash without making the psp run out of memorie?

if i compress the image will it work fine?

this would really help me out

thanks, in advance

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Re: images in flash =question=

What psp are you using slim or fat because slim is considered to have better memory and ram?




#3 04/06/08 12:33am

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Re: images in flash =question=

Generally, you have many options when working with graphics in flash. I'll go through a small list of options that I can think of:

Option #1: If the image has many colors connected together, you can do Trace Bitmap however the result is generally cpu intensive and will slow down the psp a bit, even though it looks good and takes little memory.

Option #2: Set the image's compression quality to trash-looking. This is done by right-clicking the bitmap in the library and setting compression to Photo(JPEG), which will make the image look bad but lets the psp run a little faster and use less memory.

Option #3: Give the image a smaller pallet. By reducing the number of colors used, the information per image falls significantly. Not only will the image look good, but it will also take less memory for the psp. Note though, that to do this, MSPaint will probably not work.

Option #4: Tile images. If there are repeating sectors, you can use a bitmap more than once to save memory and maintain the appearance of the original.

These are hopefully not all the possibilities, and if they aren't, they are all I can think of right now.


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