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#1 25/04/08 1:01am

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Simple Homebrew question

SO im just wondering when you have a psp app like daedulus, there is a file with a
% and one without, can you put the file without the % in the file with the % or does that not work. if thats not how you do it can you tell me. also when i put the file without the % in the file with it the icons there.

It does not work because i have not downgraded my psp yet.

I just need to buy and unpatched Version of GTA:LCS big_smile



#2 25/04/08 5:24am

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Re: Simple Homebrew question

no. put them both in the designated folder (GAME, GAME150, whatever.) I'm not sure what it' s for.



#3 25/04/08 7:15am

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Re: Simple Homebrew question

It was something that tricked the PSP back in the 1.50 era.

It is still required by some homebrew for some reason.

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#4 25/04/08 3:15pm

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Re: Simple Homebrew question

It's required for people using the 1.50 trick.  Custom firmwares are a mix of official firmwares and the 1.50 firmware. If you want to run homebrew you have to use the 1.50 so it can run on that part of the firmware.

New custom firmwares have been coded so the 1.50 trick is no longer needed but the 1.50 add-on is still there in case you want to run older homebrew or homebrew made by people that only know how to create the 1.50 type.

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#5 25/04/08 4:12pm

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Re: Simple Homebrew question

Exactly. PSP Slims CAN in fact run certain 1.5 homebrew, but only if it runs in user mode.

And some random info:

A normal EBOOT.PBP has at least 2 files, PARAM.SFO (name, parental control level, firmware needed etc.) and DATA.PSP (the basic data the PSP runs). But the % EBOOT.PBP doesn't have a DATA.PSP file inside it, and the 'normal' EBOOT.PBP IS the DATA.PSP file.




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