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Re: Add Super Smash PSP?

Topic closed

Its getting out of hand. jfig111 if you want the game on the site you need to do some more work on the game simple as that. If you do not want people to criticize your work then do not post development threads because that is what they are for.

I understand that a lot of people do not finish games, I myself have over 30 unfinished PSPFLASHGAMING projects that I have got bored with or just require so much work I don't bother. If every game that started development was released then the world would be full of rubbish games, sometimes you have to abandon stuff to work on new projects.

You should also not be hypercritical

jfig111 wrote:

I don't like the checkered background. Add something like a soft calm gradient, it hurts my eyes now.

I do not see that as a negative, it shows a clear problem with that particular screen shot, take it as a positive. In this case I will not have a level with so much checkered tiles in it, I even thought of scrapping that particular tile.

If a game is on the site then I have had it running on a PSP with the most up to date official firmware at the time with no errors. I do not have time to go through all of the games all of the time and check them for errors.

Remember not even professional game developers can make a game everyone likes.




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Re: Add Super Smash PSP?

Sorry for posting after its locked but i havnt posted here yet and want to point something out.

Jfig, we are just saying that some bugs you cannot avoid and some you can fix. Many you can fix. You should continue this and fix upon what we say. Now guys, please dont get into arguments for something like that smile.  Be grateful that you have advice.

heh sorry again Jake smile



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