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#1 09/04/08 3:38am

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new pc flash game in the making

Hey guys i've been making a new flash game in Flash CS3 for almost 2 months (my first full game in AS3), so it's not compatible with PSP.  It's a physics based game centered around getting an object into a goal of some sort by dropping certain objects on to a catpult.  So i have a few questions on what interests you.

On a scale of  1(not alot) - 10 (alot)
1. If a game has killer physics how important are graphics?
2.  How important is sound?

3.  What kind of music do you prefer in the games you play? (i.e. techno style, slow background music, etc)
4.  What themes or settings interest you the most? 
5. What kind of features draw your attention?




#2 09/04/08 4:11am

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Re: new pc flash game in the making

1: 6
2: 7
3: Depends onthe gameplay, but change from scary to uplifting. That goes good w/ any game.
4: Levels get more challenging as u go. and add some humor.
5: Tough battles, and a B.A.M.F main character w/ a sweet past.




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