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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)



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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

If you're looking for an interesting game to play for a couple of days and with a great multiplayer and atmosphere, this game is for you.

Developer: Amaze
Publisher: Buena Vista Games
Release Date: June 2006


This game is based on the movie, and the game captures it's spirit. You play as captain Jack Sparrow, and your goal is to clear a bunch of missions, kill a bunch of enemies, climb a bunch of ropes and solve a bunch of puzzles.


Although the most of the locations are different and interesting, and there's a variety of enemies, the gameplay is pretty plain. You run around the level, fight enemies (i'll explain the battle system later), push switches, fight more folks, dodge falling stones, fight bad guys, explode barrels of powder, fight, collect map pieces, and fight more enemies. Battle System looks pretty interesting at the begining, but you'll get sick of it even in the first level. When you're close to an enemy, a button combination appears upon his head. You need to quickly press these buttons to kill him, otherwise - he'll attack you. There are only 3 enemy types: - Stupid - easy to defeat, only one weapon. - Normal - 2 weapons and some acrobatical moves. - Bullies - one hit from them, and you'll find yourself flying away. Another thing worth mentioning is multiplayer - naval battles. You pick up a ship, a flag, and dive into the fun, fast-paced action! The gold you get from the single player mode can be used here to upgrade your ship. And you don't need multiple copies of the game - "Pirates" have gamesharing! One thing i hated, is that there's no indication of what is collected in a particular level - You'll have to replay every level to search for the missing map parts.


Nothing unusual - the main theme of the movie plays pretty much all the time, enemies scream, Jack has some talking lines in the cutscenes - it's not Johnny Depp - just a lousy fake Sounds OK, but still not the same.


Nothing unusual here either - standard action/adventure cotrols, though maybe too responsive - a little touch of the analog stick and Jack's meters away. That spoils the platforming part of the game, and you die pretty often. It's no big deal - there are no "lives" - only "health", and if you die, you'll be immedietly transported to the nearest savepoint, but duying 10 times in one place is pretty annoying.

Review written by soulofdarkness, last updated 11:59am 19.11.06