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The Sims 2 (2005)



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The Sims 2 (2005)

Fans of the SIMS may be disssapointing, Because this is not a Sims game. Adventure/quest game lovers will love it

Developer: EA Games
Publisher: EA Games
Release Date: December 2005


EA has ported allmost all of their greatest hits, and now the time has comed for THE SIMS 2. But strange... This is not the The SIMS i knew...


So! let's quickly remember THE SIMS 2 for PC. You build up your character, wastew some money for your house's interior. Reading a news paper. Choosing a job. And that's where life begins... And now for the PSP version. Building your character and... The game starts. We see a short scene, you're driving your car in some kind of a desert, your car breaks, and now the main difference - The Sims 2 is a third-person quest! there's no real life, only a few jobs. You can buy something for your house only further in the game, You cannot buy a house. You walk around, talk to other people. Sometimes the game is realy hillarious.And the storyline is realy interesting. The game is slow, but interesting. Получилась хорошая игра. Но с ограничениями.


Not Sound, but Graphics: Graphics are good. the picture is clear. Everything is pretty well drawn. Nothing surprizing.


Standart adventure game controlls: Walk around with arrow keys/analouge stick, interact with people usind X, Square, O, and with objects on Triangle press.

Review written by soulofdarkness, last updated 11:55am 19.11.06