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Breath Of Fire III

Breathe Of Fire III is different from the two released earlier on Gameboy Advance. It looks really nice and feels like a real adventure. It's really a game for those who want to unlock all extras.

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Release Date: 2005


Breath Of Fire is an RPG with turnbased battles. You are a boy named Ryu who is found by Rei in the forest. Ryu does not remember anything but he soon finds out that he's a dragon...
This Breath Of Fire is quite different from its predecessors. Breathe Of Fire I & II for Gameboy Advance and Breath Of Fire III for Playstation where much more focused on fighting. I found that this one has more puzzles, mazes and extras.


If there's one thing about this game that really bothers me, is that after every fight it takes a few seconds before you can go on. The fights are definitely worth it though, very nice effects and graphics.


The game's music does a lot to the game's atmosphere. The music you hear during battles is always the same and does get boring fast, but aside that, the music really suits the environment. Happy cheery music in a sunny town, dark mysterious music in caves.


The controls are quite easy, very basic and easy to learn. There's nothing that really bothered me about them.

Review written by Jeffy, last updated 5:07pm 06.11.06