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Untold Legends: The Brotherhood Of The Blade



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Untold Legends: The Brotherhood Of The Blade

A very smooth hack 'n' slash with nice glowy and flashy effects, but very repetitive scenery and music. It lacks certain personality.

Developer: Sony Online Entertainment
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Release Date: 2005


Untold Legends: The brotherhood Of The Blade is a hack 'n' slash RPG similar to Baldur's Gate, where the Guardian of Aven goes on a quest to find out what great threat he is facing. It seems that the Shadow God is out to get his revenge on all of Unataca for being imprisoned for so long...


The game lacks a decent story and the quests are of the "go there, kill that, fetch that" type. It doesn't make you feel like your character is the hero that is out to save the world.
That is not the only repetitive part. You'll also notice that enemies often come back in a different skin and that scenery is often reused.


The music is probably the worst of any PSP game there is. It's not so bad when you hear it for the first time but soon you will start humming along with it like a polarbear on crack. Also,(sound) options are not saved so if you decide to just turn down the music, you'll have to do it every time you play the game. The sound effects were decent though, not the best but they didn't bother me.


This is probably the best part of the game. The controls feel really smooth and the combat system is not that bad. The only downside is that your skills are placed on your D-pad. Imagine trying to run from your enemy using the analogue stick and trying to use the D-pad at the same time to select a spell.

Review written by Jeffy, last updated 6:03pm 23.10.06