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Prince of Persia : Revelation (2005)



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Prince of Persia : Revelation (2005)

While I played this game, i had a feeling that this is the best game for the PSP console. This game is not for a day, not even for a week. Prince lovers will definitely love it!

Developer: Pipeworks Software
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release Date: Dec 6, 2005


This game is an upgraded version of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. The first thing you notice playing Revelations - is that the levels, enemies and even the storyline is very similar to Warrior Within. The physics and the graphics are not bad, but the music and sounds are extraordinary.


The mobile version of "prince" has some problems as well. I think you would agree, that dieing from an untimed jump after defeating an army of enemies in a difficult battle is a bit unfair. Camera can flip 180 degrees in the most unwanted moment, result loosing orientation and jumping the wrong direction.


The sound gives the game uniqe atmosphere - In the battle sequences music makes you want to destroy everything that moves...


The look and feel of the original world is still here Since the PSP has les buttons that PS2, there are slight control changes: instead of L1 (time shifting) you press "down", for rotating the camera there is a combination of L + analouge stick. For a good combination you must tap the attack buttons. So the learning of the controls is about 15 minutes or so...

Review written by soulofdarkness, last updated 9:29pm 24.02.07